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Home insulation grants Ireland

There are several available home insulation grants Ireland that you make use of if you are interested in providing your house with a professional insulation service.

You can realise your house insulation project and receive valuable tax incentives making use of the insulation solutions within the Better Energy Homes Scheme programme. The Better Energy Homes Scheme provides grants for the following house insulation services:


  • roof insulation (incl. attic / loft / rafter insulations)
  • wall insulation (incl. external / internal / cavity wall / internal dry lining insulations)
  • jackets lagging
  • comprehensive advice on energy
  • draught proofing


Insulation tax incentives in Ireland

Attic Insulation €200
Cavity Wall Insulation €250
Dry Lining for apartments / mid-terrace houses €900
Dry Lining for semi-detached / end of terrace houses €1,350
Dry Lining for detached houses €1,800
External Wall Insulation for apartments / mid-terrace houses €1,800
External Wall Insulation for semi-detached / end of terrace houses €2,700
External Wall Insulation for detached houses €3,600


Who can apply?

The following requirements have to be met by the clients to be able to use the insulation grants within the Better Energy Homes Scheme:


  • all the house have to be built before 2002
  • the owner does not occupy local authority houses
  • the owner receives the Family Income support
  • the owner receives the Fuel Allowance


Home insulation grants Ireland provide an easy way to safe a considerable amount of money on one of the most important insulation services required for the proper preparation of the house for the colder seasons.

We can offer you our specialists who will take care of all the legal issues as well as providing valuable teechnical support when choosing the right insulation works to be done individually for your house.

You can contact us so that we can provide you with more detailed information on home insulation grants Dublin.

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